AnyLogic Software

AnyLogic is today’s leading simulation package, built on industry standard software development tools. Its unique capabilities make it popular across a wide range of application ares, from manufacturing to health care, from logistics to risk management, from defense to social dynamics research.

Heisenberg Analytics is the Australian distributor for AnyLogic software products. AnyLogic is our modelling package of choice, and we are always happy to help other users with our first-hand experience.


Multimethod Modelling

AnyLogic was the first simulation package to introduce multimethod simulation modeling, and still remains the only software that has that capability. Develop simulation models using all three modern methods:

The three methods can be used in any combination, within the same model, to simulate systems of any complexity. In AnyLogic simulation software, you can use various visual modeling approaches: process flowcharts, statecharts, action charts, and stock & flow diagrams. In addition, AnyLogic allows to write your own Java modules, and import existing Java libraries.

Try AnyLogic

Download your copy of AnyLogic from the AnyLogic web site: You can either go with the Personal Learning Edition, which is a free permanent license for educational and self-learning purposes. Or you can try the fully-featured University Researcher and Professional Editions with a temporary evaluation license.

Choose from a wealth of resources to get started: The beginner’s AnyLogic in Three Days e-Book, fully illustrated model building tutorials in the documentation, video tutorials and webinars… or take a training course, and let an expert modeller support you along the learning curve.