Simulation Services

Heisenberg Analytics specialises in simulation modelling, and offers services across the entire span of a simulation modelling study. With over 7 years of simulation consulting experience, deep technical expertise and a solid scientific and mathematical foundation, Heisenberg Analytics can support your study every step of the way. Whether you would like us to build your model, get you started in doing it yourself, or any point in between – we’d love to lend a hand.

Scoping and Requirements

What are the questions, and how can they be answered? Is a simulation model suitable, and what should it cover at what level of detail? What kind of hypotheses will be tested, with what kind of experiments?

Simulation model build

Building a basic simulation model is simple. Building a flexible, maintainable and extensible model that allows to drill down into detail and pursue emerging questions, on the other hand, is a subtle skill acquired after years of hands-on experience and technical study.

Analysis of Historical Data

What is already known about the system in question? Does the data answer some of the questions already? How can it support the desired level of modelling?

Output processing

Unlike on TV, the outputs of a real-life simulation model are just numbers... lots of numbers. We build visualisation and analysis tools to bring these outputs to life and give them meaning.

Explore and understand results

Where the detective work for real insight begins. What does an experiment result mean for the real system? Where's the bottleneck, and what adds the most value? How robust is the system against unexpected events? How to explain what's going on?